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Bella Sara Introduces More Horses, More Fun and Just One Code with New Royalty Series

SEATTLE, WA (May 12, 2009) – Now you can experience the royal realms and fantastic castles in the magical land of North of North. Bella Sara™ is expanding its line of trading cards for girls with Royalty, the ninth series in the popular brand.

For the first time ever, Sara, the goddess of North of North, is introduced with her very own card, and the series features more horses and more fun than ever before- all with just one code!

“Kids spoke and we listened,” said Peter D. Adkison, CEO of Hidden City Games, a leader in online gaming. “Instead of five to seven codes, as in previous Bella Sara packs, there is now a Bella Sara Ticket Card with one code in each Card Pack. With the ease of entering just one code, the Bella Sara experience is more user-friendly, accommodating and provides more content than ever before. Children are rewarded with a digital card pack online when entering their Bella Sara secret code at”

With Bella Sara Royalty, you can journey with Sara to explore the majestic realms, discover the noble traditions, and meet the regal families in North of North. Each card pack includes a Bella Sara Ticket in copper, silver or gold. Each ticket features one code that will unlock horses, horseshoes, castle rooms, items for your cottage and prizes. Soon, the Bella Sara Ticket with a secret code will lead into Bella Sara Adventures, a new online experience in which Bella Sara fans will complete adventures, customize their own character and ride their horse at

As you explore this magical new world, you will also discover new royalty-themed activities, noble stories about the magical realms, jigsaw puzzles, downloadable wallpapers and a variety of printable activities.

Bella Sara, the most successful trading card product ever developed for girls, features horse-themed fantasy cards that offer positive, inspirational messages. The collectible fun packs include secret codes that can be activated on the Bella Sara website. Bella Sara taps into young girls’ love of horses and offers them the ability to nurture virtual horses, read stories and play games.

The online world of Bella Sara at boasts more than 4.9 million registered users and offers interactive world, games, puzzles, coloring pages, storybooks, customizable cottages and more. Over 83 million cards have been sold since the games global introduction two years ago.

Bella Sara was created in Denmark by Gitte Odder Braendgaard. Braendgaard was inspired to create Bella when she worked as a social worker. In keeping with Braendgaard’s positive values and love of children, Bella Sara features inspirational, meaningful messages and imagination-building play designed to support a child’s development.

Will your ticket be copper, silver or gold? Find out on June 2, 2009, when Bella Sara Royalty Collection becomes available for an approximate retail price of $2.99. The entire Bella Sara collection will be available throughout North America at Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon,, Toys “R” Us , Barnes & Noble, Borders, Kmart, , as well as regional chains, booksellers and toy, hobby and equestrian shops.

About Bella Sara™:

Bella Sara™ is a magical world of horses and other characters for children to expand their imaginations. Originally launched in Denmark by Gitte Odder Braendgaard, Bella Sara inspires pro-social dialogue and inspirational thought with positive messages. After its introduction to the U.S. in 2007 by Hidden City Games, Bella Sara quickly expanded globally into an international children’s entertainment property. Since its introduction, Bella Sara has expanded its product lines from trading cards and a virtual world (at to miniature velvety horses, books, video games, toys, arts and crafts and more in the North America market. International product lines also include apparel, back-to-school items, toys, books, video games and more. Bella Sara products come with positive messaging and a secret code that expands a child’s experience with a virtual online world. By entering secret codes at, children can enhance their online and offline experiences with adventures, casual games and activities, while caring for their magical horses.

About Hidden City Games:

Hidden City Games, Inc., a venture-backed game publisher headquartered in Seattle, develops and markets games to interactively engage players and collectors of all ages. The company is best known as the publisher of Bella Sara a mainstream internal children’s entertainment property for children ages 5 and up. The inspirational, horse-themed trading cards and magical online world launched nationwide in the United States in March of 2007 and globally shortly after. Bella Sara, the most successful trading card product ever developed for girls, links to a safe, fun-filled virtual world for kids at and has quickly expanded to books, video games, arts and crafts, games, apparel and more. CEO Peter D. Adkison formerly founded Wizards of the Coast, Inc., which created the world’s first trading card game, Magic: The Gathering, and introduced the Pokémon trading card phenomenon to North America.

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